Ajanta Cinema

About Us

One of the established movie theaters in Kolkata in India is the Ajanta Cinema, Kolkata. Still entertaining movie buffs with the latest flicks from Bollywood, Ajanta Cinema, Kolkata has survived against the mall and multiplex boom in recent years. You can avail of frequent bus and cab services to reach the Ajanta Cinema, Kolkata without any difficulty. Despite the burgeoning of multiplexes and movie theaters in Kolkata, Ajanta Cinema has stood the test of time.

Ajanta Cinema, an established landmark in Kolkata is highly popular among the City of Joy’s movie going public for hosting some wonderful memories. Located in the Behala area, Ajanta Cinema is the destination to visit for the latest Bollywood movies and it has secured a place of its own in the hearts of the movie lovers.

Despite the new, swanky multiplexes die-hard movie goers in Kolkata swear by Ajanta Cinema and vouch for its fun and comfort quotient. Easily accessible by cab and bus, Ajanta Cinema is close to the Tollygunge Metro station from where one can hire an auto. Once you get to Ajanta Cinema, you can forget the stress and tension of daily life and sit back and enjoy a wonderful movie experience and what’s more, create a wonderful new memory for yourself.

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